Office of the Finance Officer

Finance Officer

Tel: 914023132200 

Deputy Registrar

Tel: 914023132201

Deputy Registrar

Tel: 914023132218

Assistant Registrar (Maintenance)

Tel: 914023132216

Assistant Registrar (Accounts)

Tel: 914023132205

Assistant Registrar (PF, Medical)

Tel: 914023132207

It functions mainly under two sectors viz., Bills and Accounts. The processing and Maintenance of Accounts are maintained in four parts viz., 1. Part-I – Maintenance (Non-Plan Account);

2. Part-II – Development (Plan Account);

3. Part-III – Earmarked Specific Funds (Projects Account);

4. Part-IV – Debts, Deposits and Advances.

All the proposals are processed and claims settled under the above categories after due verification under relevant Finance and Account norms.

PF, Medical, Retirement Benefits, Projects, Fellowships, Income Tax (other than Salaries) Maintenance of Project Accounts, Provident Fund Account, Retirement Benefits, National Pension Scheme, Reimbursement of Medical Expenses to Employees & Pensioners, Fellowships & Scholarships Sanctions, Bills Processing and Payments thereof, Accounting of Expenses, Timely Preparation of Statements of Expenditure & Utilisation Certificates thereof, etc.

Pay bills, pensions, maintenance, creation of capital assets, Income Tax (Salaries), Accounts (compilation of annual accounts), Investments Compilation of Financial Accounts, Monitoring of Plan and Maintenance Budget Expenses, Pay Bill and Income Tax on Salaries, investments, Bank Reconciliation, Computerization of F & A, Audit, etc

Maintenance, Creation of Capital Assets Monitoring of Maintenance and Capital Grants, Expenses incurred, Bills processing and proper accounting thereof.

Accounts, Investments, F &A Computer Centre/ Projects Compilation of Annual Accounts of the University, Customization of Tally ERP 9 Accounting Software, Investment of overall surplus funds, Finalization of Plan Grants and submission of Utilization Certificates to UGC, Audit, etc.; Maintenance of Project Accounts, Bills processing and Payments thereof, issue of Utilisation Certificates, etc.

PF, Medical and Fellowships Duties/ Responsibilities:
1. All transactions relating to Provident Fund and NPS Section, issues of Annual PF/NPS Statement, Reconciliation with Accounts Section.
2. Retirement Benefits.
3. Reimbursement of Medical Expense to Employees & Pensioners. 
4. All transactions relating to Fellowships received. 
5. Issue of Utilization Certificates for various Fellowships received.

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